5 Questions to Jump Start A New Era

This new year is also a new era. Twenty twenty. 2020. MMXX.

Here are five questions you can use to help guide yourself in the direction you want to go for this new era of life:

1. What do you want to cultivate next?
This month? In six months, in 2020, in 5 years, in 10 Years?

2. How do you want to communicate who you are?
How do you currently do this, and what, if anything, needs to change?

3. How do you show up in the world vs. how you want to show up on the world?
Do you currently step up to life the way you intend? Do you make decisions based off how you want to be, rather than what may be right or easy? What needs to change (if anything) to show up the way you wish to?

4. How do you want to feel?
Seems obvious, but be clear on what you wish to feel. Love? Belonging? Helpful? Knowing what your feeling based goals are a helpful guide for life.

5. How can you encourage the heart and cultivate optimism?
What can you do to inspire and support others? How can you create positive environments at home, work, or school?

I hope these questions help serve as a starting point for you to jumpstart the new year and set a tone for the next era of your life!