Catch More of the Light

I am a collector of words and phrases. I call them ‘thought harvests’ and keep a journal of them as I stumble across them. Some are  witty sayings, some are turns of words I love the flow of, but most are words of encouragement to live my best life.

A few years ago I read in Daphne Rose Kingma’s The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart: An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook, and one sentence in particular stood out to me:

 Turn the lens of your life to catch more of the light.

These words have stayed with me and I use them as a reminder to stay in a place of gratitude no matter how the current state of affairs is.

They guide me to make the best of things when times are hard, and to appreciate the goodness in my life.

I think we all can be reminded to focus on the good in the world as it is today. Do you have a phrase that helps remind you to stop and be grateful?