I think it is important for everyone to establish a gratitude practice and have something to pick up and reflect on on those tough days. 

I recently pulled out al my vintage anagrams to put together a new gratitude journal for myself, and I thought I would share some of the ideas I have for my personal gratitude practice. 
Every day of the week focuses on a different topic or question, and then has some expanded journaling. Below is the outline of what I do for each week, with examples.

Day 1: Monday: My favorite thing from the weekend, and three reasons why.  Example: The weather being beautiful, because:

  1. I got to visit with friends outdoors to stay safe durning the pandemic
  2. I got to get some sun! 
  3. I was able to exercise outside instead of inside for a nice change

Day 2:Tuesday:  Two things about yourself, and why you are grateful for it today in particular Example: 

  1. My sense of humor because I was able to make a friend who was low in spirits smile and laugh
  2. Being both creative and organized because I was able to finish the first draft of my upcoming guided journal book even when I ran into some problems I was able to overcome

Day 3:Wednesday: Three things you take for granted and why Example: 

  1. Having a car: I had so many errands this week that using public transportation or walking would have been difficult and time consuming 
  2. Air conditioning: Our AC broke and having a night without it was miserably hot.
  3. Running water: Cold showers were a life saver with the AC out!

Day 4:Thursday: Four things in your home, noting the reasons why Example:

  1. The pillows on the sofa because they are so cozy and comfortable, I love having them around me
  2. Our plants, because even on gloomy days they brighten up the space
  3. The heart doormat at the front door, makes me smile every time I walk in
  4. My pen drawer. It always has the perfect pen I need as I need it for each project I work on

Day 5:Friday: Five people you encountered this week that made your week a little better Example

  1. Andrea, who sent me an encouraging message after a rough day
  2. The maintenance man who came to fix the air conditioning
  3.  My editor for encouraging me and enjoying the project
  4.  Sean for tolerating my crankiness from being so hot while the AC has been out
  5. Myself, for having a positive attitude durning a negative situation

Day 6:Saturday: Six acts of service (for you or by you) Example:

  1.  Sean cooking me my favorite meal
  2.  Cheering up a coworker with a sweet surprise I knew would make her day easier
  3.  Helping a friends’ son with a school project
  4.  My boss helping me meet a deadline at work
  5.  The grocery store clerk for seeing something damaged and having a replacement brought to me
  6.  For the woman at the postoffice who held the door for me while keeping proper social distance 

Day 7:Sunday: Seven things that didn’t fit into any category for the week. Or things from any days category. Or a mix of both!  Example: Anything goes here! So no need for an example.

If there is something I am grateful for that does not fall into a category on a specific day, I still add it! The guidelines above are the minimum I try to write down, but there are always a little thing or two to add that falls outside of the parameters.

And that’s it! I find that it really helps my overall mood to do this daily, and to remind me to be happy with all that I have in a world where it is easy to constantly get caught up in wanting more.
I would love to hear how you practice gratitude and any ideas and suggestions you may have!