Journal Prompt:  ABC's of Life

This past August I attended Jonathan Fields‘ Camp GLP and had a wonderful experience. One workshop I took was with art journaler Cynthia Morris and she told us a fun activity to use in a travel journal. To Letter out the alphabet and collect words from the trip to write starting with each letter.

I loved the idea, and decided it would be a fun prompt to share to do for living life.  All you need is a pen and piece of paper, or you even use the notes app on your phone. You can do a quick free thought and jot down what comes to you, or you can take your time, collecting the words you want to represent each letter. Below is my life rendition of it:


Adventure, authenticity, ambivert, art

Belonging, blog, body image, bold

Courage, compassion, comfort, connection, calm, confidence, creativity

Dates, dreams

Enjoyment, empathy, emotions, explore, exercise, experience

Freedom, fearlessness, friendships, fun

Grace, goodness, gratitude, growth

Happiness, healing, honesty, hugs, health, hope, home, heart, heros Journey

Inter-connectedness, independence

Joy, journaling

Kindness, karma

Laughter, love, living, light, lean in

Milestones, meditation, mind

New, nature, nourish, nurture

Openness, out of comfort zone

People, play, positivity, possibility, peace

Quiet time

Reading, running, relaxed, respect

Self-care, security, smiling, strength, soul, soften

Trust, therapy, true, talismans, travel

Unity, universe

Vulnerability, values

Wise-counsel, wings, wisdom, worthiness

X-fit, x’s & o’s


Zzz’s (sleep!)