Journal Prompt: Feeling-Based Goals

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”

Zig Ziglar

I recently wrote an article for another blog, and the post is geared towards people going through divorce, but the subject, Feeling Based Goals and the steps to work with them that I listed out in the article are ones I wanted to sit down and journal.

 If you want to journal along, here are the steps:

Steps to Cultivate Feeling-Based Goals

  1. Identify the times you feel great, those moments when your cheeks hurt from smiling, or your heart feels light and free.
  2. Name the feeling(s) that you are experiencing in those moments, and write them each down.
  3. Next to each feeling, write 2-4 things that make you experience that particular emotion.
  4. Now take a moment to review and reflect on all that you wrote down. Think about what you can do in your daily life to help cultivate those feelings.
  5. Compare this list to your current list of traditional goals: see where things line up, and where they don’t. Think about how you will feel once you accomplish each goal. Do those feelings match up to the ones you listed in steps 1-3? If those feelings match up, great — you are on your way to making fruitful goals and growth. If they don’t, you may want to go back and reexamine each goal again to see how it can be adjusted to align with how you wish to feel.

I decided to take a small break from my Travelers Notebook and work in a Moleskine (in the large size) For the numbers of the steps, I used vintage numeric stamps (1-4) and I used a vintage photobooth photo of me that I had scanned and had printed 5×5.

the soul of hope feeling based goals journal spread

You all know how much I love subpages! I added 2 to this spread/ My photo is one sub-page going off the page, and then I used a vintage flash card that said “Happiness” as a internal subpage under the first one.

the soul of hope feeling based goals journal spread

I wrote a lot about joy, so I used the happiness card subpage area to talk about my views on the difference between happiness vs. joy.

the soul of hope feeling based goals journal spread