This weeks topic for the #90nextchallenge was organization. It was broken down into three sections: Organizing Your Space, Organizing Your Thoughts, and Organizing Your Direction. I decided to create this spread having a space for each, and my biggest take away for every section.

I also loved the quote from Rachel Hollis, “You are your only Hope.” Which I may have taken a bit literally (since my name is Hope), but it really struck me that I am on my only Hope in the way she intended, but also that I am who I am and I need to own that, and work to make myself the best version of me that I can.

I used a reproduction of a vintage photobooth strip of myself to create a subpage.

If you are not already enrolled in the #NEXT90CHALLENGE I highly recommend that you do (and it’s free!)It is based off the current times in isolation, but for me it speaks to life in general.

You can see all my spreads from this challenge by clicking here.