When a friend / co-worker sent me a link the Hollis Co. website, a page talking about their NEXT90CHALLENGE I had been in search for something. A spark, is what I told my friend. I wrote back to her, saying:

I have been looking for a book to read to get something I feel I need – a spark, or SOMETHING. I have been feeling so disconnected lately. Not just work, but to my space, which I usually love, and to everyone and everything. Even my jewelry – I always wear things that have meaning to me that I connect to and lately I have not been able to wear any of it. It feels forced. So much feels forced. I think some of it has to do with the pandemic. But I think a lot is coming from the other major things happening in my life since December.

I had a sample of one of Rachel Hollis’s books in my Kindle app that I hadn’t looked at yet, and thought that this could be the start of the spark I have been looking for. So I told my friend that I was in!

The first week’s .pdf and talk were… authentic. And resonating. Rachel told me to take notes, and I dutifully obliged. I found my spark! The topic was Perspective. Which is something I try to be aware of all the time, and I am good at it, I think, when it isn’t directly related to myself. I am good at it talking to others and helping them through things. I even have a quote I love that I try to remember often:

Turn the lens of your life to catch more of the light. – Daphne Rose Kingma

But I needed to hear everything from this first lesson. Afterwards, I was thinking that I should make what I got form the class into a journal spread. So I pulled out my Traveler’s Notebook and got started.

I made the page very interactive. With flaps and used a page fastener to flip open the woman’s head up – as a reminder to open my mind and ask myself, “Is my angle off?”

The beam like shape coming out of here eye represents her vision, and you can flip it up to change the perspective of what you see. the second flap is the definitions of perspective.

Anyway, I thought I would share it with you. I am trying to post a little more often while we are all home more than usual, and thought this was fitting to share. And I also urge you, it is not too late – sign up for the NEXT90CHALLENGE yourself Here.

You can see all my spreads from this challenge by clicking here.

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