This may shock those of you who are familiar with my journals, but I went with using blues instead of pinks on this spread! This is the spread I came up with for week six of the #next90challange topic essentials.

Here are some close ups of the subpage that is made from my head!

I thought I would show you the spread in progress this week, and what it means.

When listening to the video, they talked about identifying the things that block your peace of mindI had an idea I knew I wanted to try. To use a photo of myself (a vintage photobooth one, of course) where you could open up my mind and see all the blocks coming out. I repurposed this photo of me from an old spread, and then cut out squares in different sizes to represent the blocks.

So, first I added my photo and laid out where I wanted the blocks to be.

Then I started to write down what my blocks were on the squares and paste them in. And then I filled out the rest of the spread with my thoughts before working on adding my top 5 essential list in side the subpages of me.

As always, I had fun creating a journal spread for the week, helping the lesson set in!

If you are not already enrolled in the #NEXT90CHALLENGE I highly recommend that you do (and it’s free!)It is based off the current times in isolation, but for me it speaks to life in general.

You can see all my spreads from this challenge by clicking here.