Life gets in the way of journaling and blogging at times, so I am sharing three weeks of the #NEXT90CHALLENGE here all at once! Weeks seven though nine are documented below.

Week Seven: Goals

This was a nice overview of goals, I used my journal to note down the well know SMART way to tackle goals, along with the notes I took from the lesson. I only used one side of a spread, so you will also see the quote from week 4, since I do not always do my spreads in page order.
I loved how they said goals create a roadmap for your life, so I used an old 1800’s map as part of the spread. And a quote I really love was shared:

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” – Zig Ziglar

Week Eight: Resilience

This weeks lesson was full of helpful information. Rachel Hollis really promotes her Five to Thrive, five things she does daily to live her best life. This week she asked us if we knew what our personal Five to Thrive list was. So I used my journal spread from this week to explore and document my list:

  1. Limited Sugar: I feel so much better when I limit my sugar intake and try to only take in natural sugars, such as fruit. It makes my joint aches, but it also affects my mood, and makes me more prone to being down. 
  2. Exercise: I always, always feel good after exercising.
  3. Gratitude: This is something we all read about, but until you actually start a daily practice that you stick to, you do not realize just how important it is. It helps me focus on what I can control, as well as all the abundance in my life, so even when a days events get me down, or self doubt creeps in, gratitude resets me.
  4. Communication: If you have followed my path for a bit you will know that I have struggled with some things in life, and that I formed some negative thought patterns and views of myself that I have been working to overcome. This is where communication comes in for me, I find that I can easily jump to worst case scenario and negative thinking and get caught up in a loop of fear and anxiety. I have learned that the quickest way out is to be open and communicate to get a more realistic perspective on the situation rather than the stuff my mind comes up with on it’s own.
  5. Meditation: Nothing helps my anxiety and mood more.

I also loved the ideology that to fee centered we must come up with our own anchors. I have long loved sayings like that, after all, Hope is the anchor of the soul! So it takes on special meaning for me since that is my name.

Week Nine: Health at Home

A lot of good information here about nutrition and ones perspective on what we eat. 
Like I mentioned above about limiting my sugar intake, I know how it not only affects my mood, but my body as well. Rachel made a point to pay attention to our intuition on how what we eat makes us feel. She also spoke about focusing on adding things, like water and veggies to our diets rather than focus on subtracting. And she asked us to give up one food group we know we should not be eating for 30 days. Yikes, but I am doing it. She said it is important to prove to yourself that you can do it, so no excuses!

I also wanted to take a moment to share the bulkiness that is starting to happen with the Travelers Notebook I am using for this project – I always love a birds eye view of journal being filled!

If you are not already enrolled in the #NEXT90CHALLENGE I highly recommend that you do (and it’s free!)It is based off the current times in isolation, but for me it speaks to life in general.

You can see all my spreads from this challenge by clicking here.