Painting My Self

I’m not a painter, but I woke up the other morning with the urge to paint what I was feeling since words didn’t seem to be enough to express all the thoughts, emotions and stories floating in my mind (and as an avid journaler, that’s huge!).

I went to the store and purchased some paint, canvases and brushes, then got to work. My only rule was there were no rules. Just to paint and see what came onto the canvas.

I had fun exploring my emotions though this activity. It was great to be doing something about the bottled up emotions I had inside of me that day.


The gold circle in the middle represents me.

The pinkish around me are my boundaries, which blur into the wave of life.

The darkness of the wave symbolizes my rise out the negativity caused by the past as well as the poor ideologies and stories that aren’t serving me which I keep inside, too close to my heart.

The light at the top is where I am headed, though I am already in that space, I am still rising above the wave of darkness to shower myself and those around me, including people who have hurt me, with the light of goodness and worthiness.

Even though it isn’t a masterpiece, it’s meaning is very deep and profound to me, so I had it framed to hang above my bed as a reminder to me every night that I am moving forward in my journey with grace, gratitude and love.