Everyday I take a step closer to the person I am becoming. I love who she is more and more each day.

Behind me are people, experiences and things that were on my journey for a while but fell along the wayside as I kept moving forward.

I started thinking about things that were important to me a year, or even two years ago and what of those things are still important to me today. I was surprised at how much I’ve let go of, in painful ways at the time, that matter so little to me today.

It makes me wonder what people, emotions, stories, etc that I have now, that will not matter much to me a year from now.

Of course they will always be part of my journey, my story and who I am. We are all made up of pieces of all that we encounter. But the significance of those pieces will alter and fade.

This helps me put things into perspective. Things that make me sad today may be afterthoughts in the near future. That is not to say that the emotions I feel now are not real and shouldn’t be processed. But it does help make them more manageable.

So when I am struggling I now take a deep breath and ask myself “will this matter a year from now?” It comforts me and puts not only the situation, but my precious time on this earth, into a greater light of clarity.