A little about Hope…

Location: East Coast, USA (New England in her heart)

Known For: Being an old soul with a big heart

Favourite Quote: L’espoir est le réve d’une áme éveillée
(Hope is the dream of a soul awake.) – french proverb

Personal Philosophy: Strength in grace

Best Advice: Be true to your heart

Collects: Nostalgia

A little about this blog…

I picked up a book recently (see title below) while browsing in a book store, and opened to a line that said something about how we all spend so much time worrying about life and trying to better or selves (which is admirable), but it pointed out that many of who do so spend more time on that, then actually living our lives.


It made me want to take a step back and look at this life I am working towards, and consider that the life I already have is part of it. What is the story my journey is telling?

That is what I hope to work through with this new blog. To share with you my story, my journey, and how I process my growth, setbacks, and thoughts through journaling.

“So let’s talk about the question – what is your quest? It’s not hard to imagine that if we added up all the hours spent trying to figure out life, for some of us they would outweigh the hours spent actually living life. Really. Living. Life.”Designing Your Life: How to build a well-lived, joyful life

This blog is the answer to that question. This blog is about Art Journaling with Soul.

Hope’s journals have been featured in several national magazines – below are a few:


See and read more about the creative side of my journals in past posts at besottment.com