Gems of Truth and Beauty Prompt: Say Cheese!

This is one prompt out over 55 in my new book, Gems of Truth and Beauty. I picked five out of the book to share, in no particular order to show you one way you can use the book! 

Say Cheese! asks you to select a favorite photo of yourself and to journal about it. I choose a vintage photobooth photo (of course), and I included a photo we took while I was waiting for them to develop. 

This is a series of posts to give you a peek not only into my bookGems of Truth and Beauty, but also how it can be used for your own journaling. After all it is a create guided journal for personal growth and I want everyone who orders it to get the most out of it.

Stay tuned for more blog posts that showcase journaling in the book, and please share your progress in the book on social media with the hashtag #gemsoftruthandbeauty.

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