Star Stuff Journal Spreads

I love the stars. And I love coming across books from the 1800’s with star related images in them. While working on a series of posts about my favorite journaling spreads (across different types of journals) I came across some of my all time favorites and realized they all are star related.

Above and below are three art journaling spreads I have created that I love. This one is the most recent:

The one below is in a frame hanging in my living room:

This one is a little older, but still a favorite:

I was lucky enough to visit 2 observatories and got to look through professional telescopes this past year.

Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles (where I am photographed in the image above) I got to view Sirius, also known as the Dog Star since it is part of the Canis Major constellation. This inspired one of the spreads above.

At the Sydney Observatory I got to peep through Australia’s oldest working telescope (as well as a newer one). I got to see Saturn and the rings around it, as well as the Acamar Star (which is part of the river constellation that ends at Orion). Below is the spread I made talking about it in my Souvenir Travel journal I created for my trip to Australia.

I am excited because I was gifted a Celestron telescope for the winter holiday this year, which I am sure will inspire more star stuff journaling spreads in the near future!