Upcoming Book & Digital Ephemera

I am exited to share two projects I am working on with you!

Gems of Truth and Beauty Guided Journal

The first is a book I have had in me for years that finally came to fruition. It is with my editor now, and will be published as a 128 pages paperback guided journal for personal growth, called Gems of Truth and Beauty. Above are some peeks! More inside looks will be available soon, as well as preorders.

Digital Ephemera and Collage Sheets

I have posted collage sheets and digital images for sale that are available for purchase to use in your own creative journaling. The collage sheets are available in high resolution .pdfs for you to print, and the digital ephemera are available as .pdf and. jpg for you to sue digitally or print.

Please consider making a purchase to help support this blog! My book should be available in the fall, and the digital images are available now by clicking here.