2024 Ringed Journal Workshop

This April I am going to work on a new ringed journal, and pages for journal prompts inside of it to share with those of you who wish to follow along with us in the Creative Alchemy + Soul Growth (Reboot) group as a workshop.

Over the month of April 2024, I plan to have posts and videos covering:

  • Cover options
  • Creating the cover
  • Creating pages for inside
  • Creating pages for 10 – 15 specific journal prompts
  • Additional Journal prompts to continue the journal on your own (total of around 30 Prompts)
  • Sharing my final journal

I thought I would call the journal The Unique Map of Your Soul, and have a fun plan of the prompts. Making and filling ringed journals are one of my favorite journaling types! I love the flexibility of them, the ability to have pages of all sizes, and in any order you want, changing them as you go. They can be thick or thin, old covers or new – they are so versatile!

Below are some example of ringed journals I have made to give you an idea of what we will be creating.

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Ringed Journal April 2024 Workshop