The Charm(s) of My Travelers Notebook Covers

I love finding interesting and unique items to use as charms on my Travelers Notebooks, and someone recently posted in a subreddit I follow asking what others use as charms – which got me thinking that it might be fun to do a post about charms I use (and have used) on my TN’s!

I went through years of photos and pulled some of my favorites to share with you!

Antique Prize RibbonI love how this looks on my olive cover, I am not even sure where I got this, must have been some antique store thought out the years, but it has a safety-pin back, the original was so old and and rusted I had to replace with a small newer one, but it makes it easy to take on and off as needed. 

Shooting StarThis pin is also from Macon & Lesquoy. as the shooting star, I love the little bit of bling it brings, and the silver color. They also make a camera pin that is on my wishlist for my cover that hold photos! It is shown here with a dresend star patch I mounted on a metal backing so it would have a loop. This is my current favorite!

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The Charm(s) of My Travelers Notebooks