This post is part of my Favorite Art Journaling Spreads Series.

Every year since 2010 when Gwen Bell started #reverb I have been doing it mixed in with an Ali Edwards style December Daily.

In 2010, I used Gwen Bell’s reverb10 prompts to fill my December Daily aJournal (see my first years journal in detail HERE) while reflecting on the year. For 2011, she encouraged us to host our own reverb11. Unfortunately, Gwen Bell’s website is no longer active, for me to link to for crediting the reverb10 project.

Every day in December 2011 I came up with my own prompts (they are listed at the end of this post). Each one was designed to help one reflect on the previous year, or set intension for the year to come. . I let others follow along on my blog creating journal spreads in my #reverb december daily journal (inspired by Ali Edwards).

For 2012 I wanted to use the same prompts as 2011, but only see them daily so as not to get ahead of myself… they are posted here each day, and I did the same for 2013.

2014 was a tough year for me and I didn’t participate, but I was back at it for 2015, using an old book for a ringed journal for the first time. In the past I’ve always used a handmade ringed journal, but for 2016 I decided to use a Travelers Notebook

I went back to a ringed journal, that I made from an old book in 2017 and one I made from a journal cover I loved in 2018

For 2019 I went with a new idea and used a Midori Kangaroo notebook, that is a spiral bound notebook compromised of pocket pages. So for reach day I used one pocket and wrote the question on it (using a vintage Dennison label for the day), and filled the pocket with my ephemera and written answers. I did not share this years journal too much online, so here are some peeks:

These journals recap my years, and along with my daily agenda journals, are my favorites to look back through.

Below are some of my favorite pages from all 9 years worth of journals:

Have you ever participated in the #reverb project? Either me on my old blog (besottment) or anywhere else?

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