Favorite Art Journaling Spreads

I have been art journaling for over ten years, I use them to explore my heart and soul, and work though thoughts and emotions. I use them to document my life with creative memory keeping using ephemera from along my path and photographs. And I use them to dive into my creativity.

I sought out to do a post containing a collection of some of my favorite spreads from over the years to share with you. However, I use and make many types of journals, and decided that I wanted to share some favorites from each style, but realized that would be a lot of photos, so I am going to do a series of posts and share photos of each type in it’s own post. 

Daily Agenda Art Journals
Stitched Art Journals
#reverb Art Journals
Travel Souvenir Art Journals
Travelers Notebook Art Journals
Moleskine Art Journals
Ringed Art Journals

Of course some journals can fall into several categories, for instance, I a\can use a Traveler’s Notebook form my daily agenda journal, or a ringed journal as a travel souvenir journal, and I will try to point that out as we go.

As I publish each post, I will update this one with the link in case you wish to bookmark this page with links to the following (upcoming) posts (in no set order at this time):

  • Favorite Stitched Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Moleskine Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Ringed Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Traveler’s Notebook Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Travel Souvenir Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Daily Agenda Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite #Reverb Art Journaling Spreads
  • Favorite Other Art Journaling Spreads

Stay tuned for the first post in this series soon!