Favorite Art Journal Spreads

I have been art journaling for over ten years, I use them to explore my heart and soul, and work though thoughts and emotions. I use them to document my life with creative memory keeping using ephemera from along my path and photographs. And I use them to dive into my creativity.

I sought out to do a post containing a collection of some of my favorite spreads from over the years to share with you. However, I use and make many types of journals, and decided that I wanted to share some favorites from each style, but realized that would be a lot of photos, so I am going to do a series of posts and share photos of each type in it’s own post. 

Daily Agenda Art Journals
#reverb Art Journals
Stitched Art Journals
Travelers Notebook Art Journals
Travel Souvenir Art Journals
Ringed Art Journals
Moleskine Art Journals

Of course some journals can fall into several categories, for instance, I a\can use a Traveler’s Notebook form my daily agenda journal, or a ringed journal as a travel souvenir journal, and I will try to point that out as we go.

As I publish each post, I will update this one with the link in case you wish to bookmark this page with links to the following (upcoming) posts (in no set order at this time):