Journal Prompt: Thankful List

 Journal Prompt: Thankful List
Write out  at least 5 things you are thank for, this is a common practice and when done daily it becomes a gratitude journal which is a wonderful way to keep yourself grounded in the everyday things that make you happy.

For this exercise, let’s take it a step further – for every item you list, take a moment and reflect upon it, then write a sentence or two about why you are adding it to your thankful list.

I have created two templates for for you to download and print (full size, and Travelers Notebook size) at the bottom of this post, which you can journal directly on. You can use it one time, or weekly, or even daily. It is a great exercise to start doing on a regular basis.

Below, You can see recent my thankful spread that I made in my Travelers Notebook.

Note: I am sure you are getting sick of seeing photos of myself in a lot of my spreads, I do it though, so that when looking back I know where I was in my growth process (and because I cannot resist photobooths!!).

Here is the spread I did back in 2011:


It would be fun to have a small journal to do this monthly, to see where your thoughts are each month all in one place – I just might do that!

Download: Thankful For Template (full size) | Thankful For Template (Travelers Notebook Size)