creating Vision and Value Boards

We use our vision boards to call our manifestations into existence. Your vision board is akin to your cosmic seed catalogue. Decide what you’ll plant and focus your passion on this.

-Shelli Mullins

I like to make vision boards a couple times a year. As I grow my vision changes (plus I love making collages) so I make them often.

I decided October is a good month for me to assess my year. It’s the time I refer to as ‘my personal new year’ so it was fitting I had the urge to create a new one now.

After I’m done I always display it in a place I see it daily to remember be me of what I want to bring forth more of in my life.

I also like to create value boards. The last one I made (shown above) was the beginning of 2015 on the suggestion of a life coach I was working with. My values don’t change much so I don’t make them as frequently.

He did not give me any instructions so I ran with it in my own and stared with a photo of me in the center, and using words that describe my good traits, strengths, and values. He told me once I created it, I could use it to meditate on a few minutes a day to help keep me on the right path, boost my confidence and keep me focused on my values. I found it has really helped.

I use a similar process for both my value and vision boards:

I took a stack of magazines and started snipping out words that I felt reflected me. I also found some good images to use as my background base.

For my value board I used an image of waves, since the sea holds special meaning to me and it’s where I feel most alive, and I used a strip of dark with light shinning on it, to remind me of me of one of the guiding quotes I love so much: Turn the lens of your life to catch more of the light.

Then I placed my photo in the center, and started placing the words I found around it.

Some words I hand lettered (like “full” seen above), but I kept that to a minimum for this project.

For my vision board I didn’t use a photo of myself but found more images to snip from magazines to use in the board itself rather than for just background images. These additional images symbolize things I wish to manifest.

On both, I outlined the words with black and white china markers to make them stand out from the background.

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 In 2020 I published my book Gems of Truth and Beauty and in it is a fun journal prompt to create a vision board of words (above) Read more about it HERE