Life is a journey that must be traveled.

– Oliver Goldsmith

I consider life a journey so I love the premise behind Midori’s Travelers Notebook line.

I use several in the following ways (see the slide show above for a mix of spreads from all journals)

Daily Notes 

This is the one (an Ace Hotel edition) I carry with me everywhere. I have a great leather folder in it that I purchased from Baum Kuchen that was made by 1.61 Soft Goods that I use to store the ephemera and snippets of life I seem to endlessly collect.

I have a lined insert in this one to collect thought harvests, makes notes and jot down thoughts. I also use it to list blog post ideas that pop into my mind at random times.thesoulofhope-travelers-notebook-notes-3

Art journal

When I first discovered the Travelers Notebook  years ago I used it as an art journal. I took a hiatus from it for awhile but started up again with one earlier this year.

I switch different kinds of inserts regularly. Using blank, kraft, lined or the coveted kraft graphed one that comes with the Ace Hotel edition cover. I also switch between sizes. The journals come in a regular size (that I use the most) and a smaller passport size.

A lot of my recent posts show spreads I made in one.


Daily Agenda Journal 

For years now I’ve kept a daily agenda journal. I love that it shows and records the life I’m living.

I use a blank weekly notes insert so I can start at any time.

These journals are my favorites to look back through. I haven’t always used a Travelers Notebook for them, but here is one I did for part of 2016.