This post is part of my Favorite Art Journaling Spreads Series.

Making and filling ringed journals are one of my favorite journaling types! I love the flexibility of them, the ability to have pages of all sizes, and in any order you want, changing them as you go. I can also add some unconventional things as pages (read on to see).

I use antique books, or journals with designs I love as the covers, and then use basic binder rings – which are great because you can buy them in several sizes so your journal can me thin or thick.

Above are some peeks of a journal project I am working on now. But I always love to use one of the 1800’s ladies as a first page. Below are some photos from pages in various #reverb journals from over the years.

Below you can see I used a pretty soap wrapper on the left, and a drink coaster on the right.

Below, in the next two photos, you can see how I used part of shopping bags to create the pages.

Below is my first ringed journal. I made it using both old and new papers collaged on the covers. 

Here is another peek of the journal project I am currently working on.

And more #reverb journal spreads, both before and after I added journaling to the pages.

A Birdseye view – you can see how much you can put into a ringed journal! And you can just get bigger rings if you want to add more, or smaller rings if you want to take pages out.

Envelopes also make for great pages!

Below I used a clear pocket sleeve on the left, and a glassine on the right for pages.

Here is another journal I made, this one is to collect quotes I stumble upon that I love.

Sometimes I also attach ribbons, tags, charms, and other sweet things to the rings on the outside of the journal, as seen in one example below.

Below are some peeks into some ringed journal spreads from over the years that I had posted on Instagram, some are spreads in the works:

You can see all the posts in this series on the main Favorite Art Journal Spreads post page. I think next month I will be working on my Moleskine journals to share!

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