This post is part of my Favorite Art Journaling Spreads Series.

I mentioned that I first started out using stitched journals back in 2009, but i quickly moved onto working in Moleskine Cahier journals in Kraft, so some of these spreads date back to 2010. In some of these of these photos you can see where I was using images that inspire me mixed with old paper collages and words, exploring my self and personal growth, and still more… memory keeping. Which eventually evolved into my journal style of today. Some of these journals I had before I started my daily journals, I added weeks here and there in the pages of these, which evolved into my current daily journals.

I love using vintage vocabulary cards with words that speak to me on them like in the spread above/below

I make them into subpages that open to reveal more underneath.

In the spread below I made a paper version of a cloche and used tracing paper as the glass.

I made it so the paper could be lifted to see inside!

I always love making subpages out of the dresses of the 1800’s fashion images I love so much.

I have been planning a return trip to Paris for years!

Below is a prompt I shared on my old blog about Magnetic Attraction from Danielle Leporte that I plan to share again in the future. I used images from marines miked with my hand lettering. 

A few of my favorite spreads below:

The spreads below talks about things I have always loved, like Me & Ro Jewelry and Laura Stoddart’s illustrations (that I first discovered back in 2009 I think, when Kate Spade had a paper shop).

I hope you enjoyed this peak into my moleskine journals!

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