Favorite Art Journal Spreads: Daily Agenda

This post is part of my Favorite Art Journaling Spreads Series. To read about how I got started agenda journaling in 2010 click here.

I use a planner, but like most people. I use it to track not what I am planning to do, but to document my life, journaling what I have done. I first started doing this back in 2010, and it is crazy to think that I have almost 10 years worth of these journals!

I tend to gravitate to one of two journals for my daily agendas. A Weekly Notes Moleskine, or a Weekly and Memo Travelers Notebook insert (which come undated so you can start them anytime!), and yes, I realize I call them my daily journals when they are weekly journals by name, but I call them daily journals because I update it daily.

Since this is a sort of best of post, I find that my favorite spreads are more recent years, but a couple older ones popped into my mind as well.

This one I had a lot of fun with, I used an image of a man from the box that a new set of knives I got came in and cut out a small knife from the box as well, to add to his hand, and made it a sub-page in my journal.

Below are pages from the Moleskine (or similar) type journals I mentioned.

And here are photos of pages from the Travelers Notebook inserts I mentioned.

As you can see I love making sub-pages and flaps in these journals. It is important to me to have the memo page on the left to help add all the ephemera I collect to add. Speaking of which, here is a list of things I collect to use, besides photos.

  • Business cards
  • Postcards
  • Receipts
  • Labels, wrappers, parts of boxes
  • Tags or wrapping paper from gifts
  • Maps
  • Stickers (even ones that are not obvious, like off a luggage hold tag, or to seal a package)
  • Leaves (yes, leaves! I adhere them down with clear packing tape)
  • Pieces of notes or letters others send to me

I really use just about anything I find! For photos, I usually measure the area I want to add them, and then have them printed out that size. I also use pretty (washi) tape and stickers for the dates and to attached the subpages and flaps.

At one point, I tried to switch to a monthly version, but as you can see, it did not last long (but notice the vintage photobooth photo!)

I think I will stick to my weekly format since it has worked for me for so long. What types of things do you do to document your daily life?

Please note: in some photos I blurred out people faces or names for their privacy.