How I Started Agenda Journaling

I was recently looking through some of my old blog posts to see what content might be fun to bring over to this blog and I found something from December 2010 that I wanted to share

It is crazy to think that this was 12 years ago – but this is what inspired me to start my daily agenda journals. I have been keeping them ever since. Keep in mind that, like I mentioned, this post is from 2010 and the photos are small.

I wrote:

After seeing this photo (below) of Orberto Gili’s photo diary in the book – Perfectly Kept House is the Sign of A Misspent Life (which, by the way, is a wonderful book!) by Mary Randolph Carter, I was inspired to use an undated calendar to keep the little bits and ephemera of every day life I seem to accumulate, along with quotes, words, etc that I discover daily, in a small, easy to update format.”

Here is my result so far. I purchased a MMG pink agenda from a shop on etsy and did not even wait for the new year – I got started immediately.

End of old post …

Since then I have kept one ever since, I have about only 2 or 3 weeks that I have missed in that timeframe. Photos above are some of my very first weeks ever, and below here are some more recent ones.

I have used either a moleskine weekly planner, or a travelers notebook with weekly inserts since then.

I like to take photos at the start of the week and when I am done to give an idea of how I put it together.

Above is the first week in my current agenda (I usually start them on the winter solstice). This year I decided to add an Instax photo each week. I added snips form wine labels, business cards, wrapping paper and product packaging.

This week (above and below) is before and after from a week traveling in the UK. Usually I fill in a day or two at a time, but for this week I did the whole week at once. Above is adding all the ephemera I collected and below is after I added all my writing and notes.

thesoulofhope agenda journal spread

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