Journaling Parlour Game: The Exquisite Corpse

I thought since the majority of us are at home either not working, or teleworking, that I would post a fun activity prompt. This exercise is from an art journaling class I taught years ago in Omaha, NE. 

Grab your favorite pen and some paper!

I had everyone create their own Exquisite Corpses and then write them in their journals as lettering practice. Below is the exercise sheet.

Below are some tips for lettering.

I hope this can add a little fun to enjoy for a but durning this pandemic. If you come up with fun collections of words – please share in the comment section below!

About this Parlour Game
Exquisite Corpse, also known as exquisite cadaver (from the original French term cadavre exquis) or rotating corpse, is a method by which a collection of words is collectively assembled. Each collaborator adds to a composition in sequence by following certain rules (see rules on left). The technique was invented by Surrealists and is similar to an old parlour game called Consequences in which players write in turn on a sheet of paper, fold it to conceal part of the writing, and then pass it to the next player for a further contribution. Surrealism principal founder André Breton reported that it started in fun, but became playful and eventually enriching. This diversion is said to have started sometime between 1918 – 1925. Source: